Firefox 64bit x64 38.0a2 Mozilla Foundation    

Firefox x64 is the award winning next generation browser from Mozilla. Firefox x64 empowers you to browse faster, more safely, and more efficiently than with any other browser. Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Firefox's built in popup blocker. View more than one web page in a single window .... Free download of Firefox 64bit x64 38.0a2

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File Joiner (64bit, portable) 2.3.8 IgorWare    

File Joiner (.001 File Joiner) is a very simple and easy to use application that will combine split files (with extensions: .001, .002, .003, etc.) back into one file. Files with extension .001 (001, 002, ... 00n) are parts of a bigger file that was split so they could be sent .... Free download of File Joiner (64bit, portable) 2.3.8

IgorWare Hasher (64bit, portable) 1.5.1 IgorWare    

IgorWare Hasher is a free and portable SHA-1, MD5 and CRC32 hash generator for files and text. It can be used to generate checksums for a single file and save cheksums in verification files (.sha, .md5 and .sfv) or verify its integrity by using verification files generated by Total Commander and .... Free download of IgorWare Hasher (64bit, portable) 1.5.1

Synergy 64bit 1.4.17 Sourceforge    

Synergy x64 is a cross-platform, open-source replacement for a KVM switch. Instead of looping multiple computers through a piece of hardware, it lets you control them from a single keyboard and mouse. As a software solution, you might want to just go with the KVM switch. Synergy can be extremely difficult .... Free download of Synergy 64bit 1.4.17

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Emerge Desktop 64bit 6.1.3 Sourceforge    

Emerge Desktop 64-bit is a replacement windows "shell" (the desktop environment normally provided by Windows Explorer) for Windows 2000 and above. In order to replace Windows Explorer as a shell, it provides a system tray (the area that collects the icons collected at the lower right corner in Explorer), called emergeTray. .... Free download of Emerge Desktop 64bit 6.1.3

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wxPython 64bit wxPROs    

wxPython x64 is a GUI toolkit for the Python programming language. It allows Python programmers to create programs with a robust, highly functional graphical user interface, simply and easily. It is implemented as a Python extension module (native code) that wraps the popular wxWidgets cross platform GUI library, which is written .... Free download of wxPython 64bit

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x264 Video Codec (64bit) r2538 Videolan    

The code is written from scratch by Laurent Aimar, Loren Merritt, Eric Petit(OS X), Min Chen (vfw/asm), Justin Clay(vfw), Mans Rullgard, Christian Heine (asm), and Alex Izvorski (asm). x264 for Win x64 Overview It provides best-in-class performance, compression, and features. Performance-wise, x264 can encode 4 or more 1080p streams .... Free download of x264 Video Codec (64bit) r2538

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EiffelStudio 64bit Sourceforge    

EiffelStudio 64-bit is an advanced commercial-grade IDE for the Eiffel programming language. It is maintained and developed mostly by Eiffel Software and hosted at the Chair of Software Engineering at ETH Zurich. EiffelStudio is a full-featured IDE offering the following features, many of them unique: * Complete compiler for .... Free download of EiffelStudio 64bit

FastCopy 64bit 2.11 SHIROUZU Hiroaki    

FastCopy x64 is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. It can copy/delete unicode and over MAX_PATH(260byte) pathname files. Automatically, after whether the copy origin and copy destinations are HDD according to same physical HDD or is judged, it operates as follows. 1.Different HDD: Reading and writing are done with the .... Free download of FastCopy 64bit 2.11

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Arctic Torrent 64bit 1.2.3 Cory Nelson    

Artic Torrent 64-bit is a min­i­mal Bit­Tor­rent client. It wont have all the pret­ty fea­tures that other tor­rent apps have, but fo­cus­es on low mem­o­ry and cpu usage. Be­cause it was writ­ten in C++, you dont get the high mem­o­ry re­quire­ments of Java or high CPU usage of Python. .... Free download of Arctic Torrent 64bit 1.2.3

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MiKTeX 64bit 2.9.5105 Christian Schenk    

MiKTeX (pronounced mick-tech) x64 is an up-to-date implementation of TeX and related programs for Windows (all current variants). TeX is a typesetting system written by Donald E. Knuth, who says that it is "intended for the creation of beautiful books - and especially for books that contain a lot of .... Free download of MiKTeX 64bit 2.9.5105

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JRuby 64bit 1.7.4 The JRuby Team    

JRuby x64 is a 100% Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. It is Ruby for the JVM. JRuby provides a complete set of core "builtin" classes and syntax for the Ruby language, as well as most of the Ruby Standard Libraries. The standard libraries are mostly Ruby's own complement .... Free download of JRuby 64bit 1.7.4

Angry IP Scanner 64bit 3.3.2 Angryziber Software    

Angry IP scanner 64-bit is a very fast IP address and port scanner. It can scan IP addresses in any range as well as any their ports. It is cross-platform and lightweight. Not requiring any installations, it can be freely copied and used anywhere. Angry IP scanner simply pings .... Free download of Angry IP Scanner 64bit 3.3.2

PngOptimizer 64bit 2.3 Hadrien Nilsson    

PNGOptimizer x64 is a portable tool that will strip your PNG files of useless or incorrect information, thereby making the filesize of your PNG images smaller. PNGOptimizer can also convert GIF, BMP or TGA image files to optimized PNG images. Moreover, it can be used to automatically create optimized PNG images .... Free download of PngOptimizer 64bit 2.3

Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition 64bit 2013 Paragon Software Group    

The most powerful backup solution available as freeware ! Take complete control of your PC's safety. Based on solid commercial backup and recovery software from Paragon, the new Backup & Recovery Free Edition x64 will give you a rich set of features that you can trust. Backup Features o .... Free download of Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition 64bit 2013

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PotPlayer 64bit 1.6.53254 Beta Daum Communications     update

Daum PotPlayer x64 - very fast freeware multimedia player published by Daum. It feels like the KMPlayer, but is in active development. Distinctive features of the player is a high quality playback, support for all modern video and audio formats and a built DXVA video codecs. Other key features include .... Free download of PotPlayer 64bit 1.6.53254 Beta

Core Temp 64bit 1.0 RC6 Arthur Liberman    

Core Temp for Windows x64 is a compact, no fuss, small footprint, yet powerful program to monitor processor temperature and other vital information. What makes Core Temp unique is the way it works. It is capable of displaying a temperature of each individual core of every processor in your system! .... Free download of Core Temp 64bit 1.0 RC6

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ResEdit 64bit 1.5.11 ResEdit    

ResEdit 64 -bit is a free Resource Editor for Win32 programs. You can use it if you want to use dialogs, icon, version information or other types of resources. Output files can be compiled by any Win32 compiler, like MinGW and Microsoft Visual C++. To open a file which uses Win32 .... Free download of ResEdit 64bit 1.5.11

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LAN Bridger 64bit 0.9.10 Echobit    

LAN Bridger x64 is an easy-to-use VPN tool. It lets you be a part of the same local computer network at your job, on the road, or half way around the world. Share files. Administer machines. Access music. Or kick back and play a game. If you can do it locally, .... Free download of LAN Bridger 64bit 0.9.10

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Trend Micro HouseCall 64bit 7.1 Trend Micro    

HouseCall x64 is Trend Micro's highly popular and capable on-demand scanner for identifying and removing viruses, Trojans, worms, unwanted browser plugins, and other malware. HouseCall 7 features an intuitive interface and the ability to perform fast scans that target critical system areas and active malware. It also leverages the Trend .... Free download of Trend Micro HouseCall 64bit 7.1

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Microsoft Mathematics 64bit 4.0 Microsoft    

Need a tad of help with an equation? Do you think you could use an application which offers easy access to formulas and to a unit converter? Then Microsoft might have the right answer for you. Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 x64 is now available as a free download from the Redmond .... Free download of Microsoft Mathematics 64bit 4.0

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Shutdown Timer 64bit 3.3.4 Sinvise Systems    

Shutdown Timer x64 is an advanced and powerful task scheduling system, it allows you to perform certain actions based on events that you choose. With these tasks you have the power to enable advanced power saving features that your current operating system can not achieve. Shutdown Timer x64 is very simple .... Free download of Shutdown Timer 64bit 3.3.4

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M3U Dropper 64bit 0.741 Eric Nitzsche    

M3U Dropper x64 creates portable playlists from links. Links can be dropped onto the program from browsers or file managers. M3U Dropper can accept and launch any link drops. So, for hacker types, it could also be used as a portable hybrid bookmarker or program launcher. Configuration files contain a .... Free download of M3U Dropper 64bit 0.741

Java Runtime Environment 64bit 7 Update 51 Sun Microsystems    

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (64-Bit) provides the libraries, the Java Virtual Machine, and other components to run applets and applications written in the Java programming language. In addition, two key deployment technologies are part of the JRE: Java Plug-in, which enables applets to run in popular browsers; and Java Web Start, .... Free download of Java Runtime Environment 64bit 7 Update 51

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Outpost Security Suite Free 64bit Agnitum, Ltd.    

Agnitum is the first security vendor to deliver a fully functional free version of an Internet security suite for Windows users. Outpost Security Suite FREE x64 builds on the acclaimed antivirus, firewall and proactive protection technologies. The free solution employs modern techniques to prevent infections, data corruption and PC intrusions. .... Free download of Outpost Security Suite Free 64bit

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