RISA-2D 10.1.0 RISA Technologies, LLC.    

... two-dimensional analysis and design software that makes engineering 2D structures quick and easy. RISA-2D’s powerful graphical modeling capabilities, flexible generation tools and detailed proprietary spreadsheets help you rapidly model, solve and optimize structures with any combination of materials. A State-of-the-Art Interface Our multiple view interface, advanced selection and drawing .... Free download of RISA-2D 10.1.0

IXIR 2D Track Editor 1.54 IXIR Digital    

IXIR 2D Track Editor is easy, fast, reliable, and loaded with features. It's capable of 2D tracks and Mask files of softwares like 3D ... Shake, Fusion, After Effects, Combustion. Give IXIR 2D Track Editor a try to see how easy it can be to load, edit and convert 2D track files! Features: · Edit Tracks .... Free download of IXIR 2D Track Editor 1.54

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Counter-Strike 2D Beta Unreal Software    

... who takes hostages and plants bombs! Counter-Strike 2D is a two-dimensional conversion of the popular game ... and thereby encourages tactical gameplay. However Counter-Strike 2D has to offer much more than the well known scenarios from the original Counter-Strike! There are loads of new maps, weapons and game modes! .... Free download of Counter-Strike 2D Beta

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Manufacturing Industry 2D Barcodes Manufacturing industry 2d barcodes    

Non destructive manufacturing and warehousing industry bar code image generator software enables users to design and create attractive, reliable and trendy bar code labels, stickers, tags, coupons, holograms, rolls and wrist bands etc in a most appropriate manner and in few simple steps. Industrial, manufacturing and warehousing barcode maker utility facilitates .... Free download of Manufacturing Industry 2D Barcodes

Courier Mails 2D Barcodes Courier mails 2d barcodes    

Highly advanced bar code label software for postal departments and banking institutions create and design high quality and customized bar code labels, stickers, coupons, tags, rolls, holograms and many more to fastening their day to day clerical work. Bar code maker software is suitable for all types of banking institution including .... Free download of Courier Mails 2D Barcodes

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D 8.0.3 B1025 IMSI/Design, LLC    

TurboCAD® Mac Deluxe 2D/3D makes it easy to design anything. Snap to ... diagrams and more with the complete set of 2D design tools. The new freehand spline gives you ... block manager to quickly create, edit and manage 2D/3D blocks. Organize layers into new layer sets for ... document will look. Features: Design in 2D and 3D in one easy to use application .... Free download of TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D 8.0.3 B1025

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CutLogic 2D TMachines.com    

CutLogic 2D is an optimizer for cutting rectangular material in ... woodworking, furniture, sheet metal, glass cutting etc. CutLogic 2D minimizes your waste by calculating the optimal cutting layouts. CutLogic 2D is unique in terms of quality of optimization and its extensive cutting options not .... Free download of CutLogic 2D

Flash Pool 1.5.40 Memir Games Ltd    

Challenge your friends to 8-Ball & 9-Ball on facebook. Include Lobby Chat system. Realistic Physics and fun gameplay. Lots of stats, with the ability to purchase items (i.e. cues). 25 Game Levels, that allow you to access new features. .... Free download of Flash Pool 1.5.40

TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D 21.1 B35.5 IMSI/Design, LLC    

With TurboCAD® 16 Deluxe 2D/3D your options are unlimited. Hundreds of professional drafting ... TurboCAD Deluxe is the smart choice. TurboCAD’s 2D/3D architectural tools let you design floorplans, decks, kitchens, ... shapes simply by extruding (pulling) them from your 2D shapes. Edit directly in 3D mode and apply colors, brush styles .... Free download of TurboCAD Deluxe 2D/3D 21.1 B35.5

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Ladybug Motion 2D 1.02 University of Colorado    

... velocity, or acceleration) for an object moving in 2D. Interpret position, velocity, and acceleration vectors for an object moving in 2D. Explain how velocity affects position. Explain how acceleration affects velocity. Explain why the velocity and acceleration vectors behave as they do for linear, circular, .... Free download of Ladybug Motion 2D 1.02

.NET Linear + 2D Barcode Forms Control 13.12 IDAutomation.com, Inc.    

Generate barcode images in Visual Studio .NET with the IDAutomation Barcode Forms Control and DLL package. This product is 100% managed code, strong named and signed. Includes source code examples for printing barcodes in C# and VB Dotnet and includes the complete source to an Image Generator application written in VB .... Free download of .NET Linear + 2D Barcode Forms Control 13.12

ARTSG 1.9.7 Jeffrey Wisgo    

2D Real-Time-Strategy game where you command an army of robots set out on an expedition to a newly discovered planet. Can play in single-player campaign mode (9 levels), or free play against one or more AI opponents. .... Free download of ARTSG 1.9.7

iPool 2.2.55 Memir Games Ltd    

Play Online Pool with others from all over the world. 3D & 2D Pool, realistic physics and graphics. With unique game play ... iPool allows players to appreciate the game of pool at the highest level. This Pool Game is fast, fun and a great way to meet and chat with other Online Pool Gamers from around the world. Due to the .... Free download of iPool 2.2.55

CADintosh 7.5.4 Build 107 Lemke Software    

CADintosh is a high performance 2D CAD program for technical draftsmen and designers. You benefit from professional and well thought-out functions for all your design requirements – all for an unbeatable price with excellent value for money. Workflow improvement and usability advantages * Interactive window generation (as .... Free download of CADintosh 7.5.4 Build 107

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PaneCutter 1.5 Bendeguz LTD    

The PaneCutter program is used for automatic cutting plan design for manufacturers of furniture and other products made from sheet materials (wood, metal, glass, etc ..), whose product range is wide or permanently changing. Due to its sophisticated, recursive algorithm, PaneCutter finds the optimum cutting plan with the least possible waste .... Free download of PaneCutter 1.5

Visual RPG Studio 1.9.99 LastEnd    

Ever think about making your own game, but you have no idea where to start? Visual RPG Studio gives you the power to make your own games without any special knowledge, training, or overpriced schooling. All you need is a computer and an imagination, and you're on the way to making .... Free download of Visual RPG Studio 1.9.99

AEC Buildings 2.0 AEC Logic Private Limited    

Contracting companies and investors have raised their benchmarks regarding time, value for engineering hours and cost effective construction. To meet these demands they need an automation manager. AEC Buildings is therefore designed to speak Engineer's language in a quickest possible time on a cost effective way. In every project design and .... Free download of AEC Buildings 2.0

Billiard Deluxe 1.0 soft Xpansion GmbH & Co.KG    

... the 4 most popular billiard game types: - Pool including 5 top subtypes: 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, One pocket, Straight pool (14.1) - Snooker - Russian billiard - Carambole (carom). Billiard Deluxe allows player to select the most important game components, such as game hall .... Free download of Billiard Deluxe 1.0

Exotic Armada 2 1.5 Derbian Games    

Exotic Armada 2 offers some fast-paced 2D spacecraft melee action for 2-4 players (on the same computer). The game isn't even meant to be innovative, rather just offering pure shooting fun in the spirit of games such as Star Control. The game sports a whopping 56 different ships to choose .... Free download of Exotic Armada 2 1.5

Melanie 7.05 Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics    

... for the comprehensive visualization, exploration and analysis of 2D gel data. It provides powerful and innovative solutions to shorten the path from data acquisition to protein information, both for conventional 2-DE and DIGE (Fluorescence Difference Gel Electrophoresis) gels. Melanie improves the way researchers analyze their 2-D electrophoresis gels to .... Free download of Melanie 7.05

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ScheduleBoard 2.3 Brady & Associates    

ScheduleBoard, Pool Scheduling Software easy as using a whiteboard! View your entire job or task schedule on-screen. Create the perfect scheduling “control center” with at-a-glance information for the scheduler. Simplify scheduling operations and increase efficiency, especially for high-volume task or job scenarios when there is little time to click through .... Free download of ScheduleBoard 2.3

Ballstream MiniScorer 1.2 ArtistScope    

Live scoreboard software for snooker, billiards and pool for an internet audience. MiniScorer is an unobtrusive desktop application for submitting scores to a online scoreboard for viewing by a global audience. MiniScorer is free software for the cuesport community. MiniScorer has been specially designed for use on the same computer .... Free download of Ballstream MiniScorer 1.2

Bubble Math 1.0 RL Vision    

Bubble Math is an challenging edutainment game with mechanics similar to billiards/pool. You shoot your bubble around, knocking other bubbles trying to get them to hit each other so that their numbers together equal the specified goal. With only 10 shots available, you need to carefully plan your shots. Do you .... Free download of Bubble Math 1.0

MakeMe3D Engelmann Media GmbH    

... be released soon. This software can convert existing 2D-videos automatically into the third dimension. The new 3D-videos ... be complicated. The program supports the import of 2D-videos and others in formats Video-DVD, AVI, WMV, MP4, ... Xbox 360. When converting a large number of 2D-videos the batch mode is an option. This mode .... Free download of MakeMe3D

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3DBox CAD 3.0 Packmage Technology Co., Limited    

3DBox CAD is used for packaging design, including folding carton box, corrugated box, etc. The most important thing is that you could design boxes in 3D. The easy workflow, .Drawing the box structure, or import .dxf files which can be exported by AutoCAD, Illustrator, CoreldRAW, etc. .Define the 3D folding ways .... Free download of 3DBox CAD 3.0

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