Phonics and Reading With McGuffey 1.4    

... McGuffey is an affordable and complete computer based training system for beginning literacy that emphasizes phonics instruction. The program does not require any technically trained supervision to administer to students. Each lesson introduces new letter sounds which are incorporated into new words. The lessons combine phonics with reading practice. Spelling .... Free download of Phonics and Reading With McGuffey 1.4

PokerTraining 1.4 Marc Ennaji    

Poker Holdem No Limit training software. Let you improve your game and test new strategies, by playing against up to 9 computer opponents having different playing styles. The more you play, the best your computer opponents will adapt to your playing style, in order to win you. Computer opponents have .... Free download of PokerTraining 1.4

Employee Travel Management Software Inventory maker    

Affordable employee tour and training software is complete solution to track and schedule ... application effectively schedules corporate sectors official visiting and training requirements in real time without any extra efforts. ... needs in simplified ways. Costeffectives employee tour and training software is specially designed and developed to generate ... reduce error while preparing employee’s business tour and training time table and saves company precious time. Freeware .... Free download of Employee Travel Management Software

MLP-Class 2.0 Neural Decision Lab LLC    

Source code for fast training of multilayer perceptron classifier. Example training and validation data files included. Source code for ... Resulting networks can be pruned by NuClass7.06. The training algorithm can be modified to be substantially better than BP. A .... Free download of MLP-Class 2.0

Kettlebell Course 30DayLabs, Inc.    

A full Kettlebell video training course. All you need to start a healthy ... one of the most proven methods ever. The training will take you no time while gives you the body you want! Features Video Trainings Modern Methods Described .... Free download of Kettlebell Course

comptia a 220 comptia a    

... Application Exams with our all in one video training program. The program follows CompTIA's up to date ... 2009) course objectives. comptia certification, mcse, it courses, training, it certifications, certifications, computer courses, certification exam. 220-701 for CompTIA A+ Essentials 1.0 Hardware 27% 2.0 Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance 20% 3.0 Operating System .... Free download of comptia a 220

Entropy Poker A.I. 1.3.0 ERGOD    

... with Entropy Poker A.I. - the essential poker training tool. Entropy is the state-of-the-art in Poker artificial intelligence giving you the chance to practice your skills against a fearless expert poker player! Entropy's unique 'Probability Diamond' images help take the uncertainty out of poker by showing the hands your opponents .... Free download of Entropy Poker A.I. 1.3.0

Absolute Pitch 2.30 Silvawood    

Ear training music app and virtual piano to help you learn perfect pitch, test your aural note recognition and be a better musician. Absolute Pitch is a musical ear trainer that uses a unique method to teach you absolute or perfect pitch. This is the ability to name any note .... Free download of Absolute Pitch 2.30

Web Meeting 0.5.6 TTXN    

Web Meeting can give users the power to meet, learn, train or support each other in various maters, no matter where they are. You can even use it as a video surveillance or video publisher tool. Web Meeting contains both client and server software and is very easy-to-use and to deploy. .... Free download of Web Meeting 0.5.6

Automatic App Translator 1.1.1 312 Development    

Automatic App Translator is an automated translation application for OS X 10.10 and up. Aimed at iOS and OS X developers, it seeks to ease the burden of translating and localizing applications, while providing a beautiful interface for personal translation management. This application primarily relies on two operations: 1) The ability .... Free download of Automatic App Translator 1.1.1

BearImuscle James Joe    

... choice of a variety of curriculum model for training, and automatically recorded training log. According to personal needs custom equipment, setting weight , number of training sets, action and time parameters, and can record the training Remarks. Features Custom made of wide ... trainers Custom equipment, weight, actions and time parameters Training logs automatically record Actions reasonable grading, according to .... Free download of BearImuscle

???! ??????? ? ?????? VOT! Voprosi i otveti ???????&????    

VOT Voprosi i otveti (RUS) The training program for children .... Free download of ???! ??????? ? ?????? VOT! Voprosi i otveti

ProProfs LMS Software 10.7 ProProfs    

... simple authoring tools for creating and delivering online training or educational courses. ProProfs LMS comes bundled with ... intelligent course reports, trainee progress reports, virtual classrooms, training certificates and many others help trainers and educators create effective online training course as well as easily track learners progress ... full access controls, which helps them create private training courses and securely share reports with multiple stakeholders. .... Free download of ProProfs LMS Software 10.7

ProProfs eLearning Software 11.4 ProProfs    

... top educational institutions to create and deliver online training and educational courses. Using ProProfs simple yet powerful ... learners. ProProfs eLearning Software offers a complete online training solution to businesses and educational institutions as it comes bundled with a training software - for creating online courses; test software ... such as automated grading, detailed reports, intelligent analytics, training certificates, compliance tracking, online classrooms, 300.000.000+ free quiz .... Free download of ProProfs eLearning Software 11.4

Crosstrainer 8.00 Crosstrainer Pro Corporation    

Crosstrainer Personal for Windows, our PC based training and nutrition log is designed to help you ... fully customizable to your preferences. Schedule your training and meals to your personal Calendar. Copy, edit or delete as needed. Schedule nutrition, exercises, and workouts to days, weeks or even months. Set goals .... Free download of Crosstrainer 8.00

Instant Demo 8.60 NetPlay Software    

... creates Flash movies for demonstrations, tutorials, presentations and training. The Flash movies play immediately in the viewers web browser with streaming MP3 sound. Editing features include annotated text and interactive hotspots. The screen recordings can be exported to Flash or AVI and allows publishing to Internet, Blu-ray / HDTV, DVD, .... Free download of Instant Demo 8.60

Desktop Metronome 1.7 DesktopMetronome    

... a Auto mode which is great for speed training, reference-tone function for tuning and other handy tools ... Quick double/halve tempo * Auto mode,ideal for speed training * Adjustable volume * Highly visual LCD-like panel * Beat meters: 1/4 ,2/4...7/4 * Tuplets (subdivisions) : 1,2,3...10 * Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for all .... Free download of Desktop Metronome 1.7

Auralia Sibelius Group    

... easy way to use your computer for ear training. Auralia leads you through a variety of graded exercises, and presents instant feedback. All of your results are recorded, and you may sing or play your answers using your microphone or MIDI keyboard. Auralia is suitable for both classical and contemporary .... Free download of Auralia

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ChordPulse Lite 2.0 Flextron Bt.    

... with chords. ChordPulse Lite is great for music training, vocal training, practicing, learning, soloing, improvisation and composition. It's a handy songwriting tool: you can try out musical ideas very quickly. ChordPulse Lite features 24 music .... Free download of ChordPulse Lite 2.0

Enterprise Financial Model 4.3 Management, Business, Investments LLC    

... of financial estimates, fitted with elements of a training program and allowing increasing the level of user knowledge in Economics significantly. The software is accompanied with great number of examples with comments and recommendations and allows producing desired result quickly. Active tasks: - execution of Business Plan technical and economic .... Free download of Enterprise Financial Model 4.3

Speed Upp 2.4 Speed Upp    

Adaptive, programmable metronome for training speed and precision on any musical instrument. Struggling to play along your favorite licks and solos? Speed Upp will guide you during scale exercises and chromatic drills by listening and adapting to your skills or by following tempo according to on-screen graph. Adaptive Mode Adapts .... Free download of Speed Upp 2.4

PianoNotesFinder 1.2 Neonway    

Don't waste your time on useless training sessions! Beginner or not, you can start recognizing music notes and symbols right away using PianoNotesFinder. When you point to a note on a virtual page, PianoNotesFinder will show you where this note is on a piano keyboard and the other way around, .... Free download of PianoNotesFinder 1.2

Phrase Trainer 2 desktopmetronome    

... parts of the song, to speed and key training and back again. And do it all with a single smart tool. Why struggle with the cluttered interfaces, poor navigation, and antiquated window management that plague most similar software? Phrase Trainer 2 interface gives you a clear and configurable creative space .... Free download of Phrase Trainer 2

daylight Elements educo gmbh    

... for the management and marketing of courses, events, trainings and other activities. daylight provides all the necessary functionalities, is user-friendly, easily adaptable and due to its open standandards, can be readily integrated into existing system environments - from single-PC to client-server installations with hundreds of clients. daylight is a multi-tenant .... Free download of daylight Elements

AceReader Pro 8.2 StepWare, Inc.    

Speed Reading, Reading Fluency, Vision Training, Reading Assessment and Online Reader Software for all ... you with three tools in one: (1) A training tool that will help you become a more ... to pick and choose from a menu of training activities. The Expert Mode gives you full control ... speed. The Expert Mode can be used for training purposes and/or as an Online Reader to help .... Free download of AceReader Pro 8.2

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