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Photo Calculator for Mac 3.2.1 Douglas Software    

Photo Calculator for Mac covers 37 digital formats including 9 digital backs and 12 conventional film formats.The calculations include angle of view, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, image area and diffraction. .... Free download of Photo Calculator for Mac 3.2.1

Gas Price Calculator 1.0 KMR Consulting    

... on your next gas purchase? The Gas Price Calculator will give you the answer. .... Free download of Gas Price Calculator 1.0

Resistor Calculator 1.0.7 AB-Tools.com GmbH    

... resistors for LED circuits. By using this resistor calculator it is very simple to determine the color ... the current of the LED(s). Features of Resistor Calculator at a glance: - Calculating the color code of a resistor value. - Calculating the resistor value of a color code. - Displaying the .... Free download of Resistor Calculator 1.0.7

Aquarium Sand Depth Calculator 1.1 Canadian Mind Products    

SandDepth calculates weight of sand needed for an aquarium to achieved a desired depth. You tell it the size of your aquarium by adjusting sliders and the desired depth of sand. It then calculates how much sand you need. It works in metric or imperial US measure. You can also calculate .... Free download of Aquarium Sand Depth Calculator 1.1

Butterfly 2.0 Wolf van Heeswijk    

Butterfly 2.0 is a small program that accepts the first day of the last menstruation cycle and returns an overview of oncoming menstruations and ovulations with infertile and fertile periods in both a calendarview and listview. The program always opens with the prognosis of the present day. The butterfly depicted on .... Free download of Butterfly 2.0

software award   

Aquarium Pocket Knife TankSoft    

Aquarium Pocket Knife helps design aquariums by calculating the important values. It will calculate system weight, system weight per area, and tank weight. It will also calculate turn time and flow rate for filtration systems. The program works in both metric and standard/imperial units. Weight calculations can accept input in one .... Free download of Aquarium Pocket Knife

EnCalcLU 4.1 JSutils    

EnCalcLU calculates the cost of water use, allowing both the real cost based on meter readings and forward prediction based on the readings and elapsed time to be calculated. EnCalcLU is ideal for checking and predicting water bills. The results can be saved to a log file for later analysis. The .... Free download of EnCalcLU 4.1

210 Apps In 1 : AppBundle 2 1.0 RV AppStudios    

... we've included. Top Apps Included: Video Safe Tip Calculator Flashlight – Front Facing Camera Light To Do – Keep Track Of Everything Altimeter – Uses GPS Security Alarm Desk Bell Speed and Temp Converter Count Down Measuring Tape Age Birthday Finder Task Timer Tap Counter Image Protector Spell Check Angle .... Free download of 210 Apps In 1 : AppBundle 2 1.0

ediTrail 1.0 Aplicaciones Topográficas S.L.    

... all the files, patches, with elevations of a point every 90 metres from around the world and ... digital model, map displayed, contouring and cloud of points, inside the CAD, with entities of CAD. Thus, you can have your trail in UTM XYZ WGS84 coordinates, with what that represents, thus you .... Free download of ediTrail 1.0

Trip 1.01 CodeInventors    

... such as the cost of a journey, your average MPG, how much fuel would be needed for ... data and results to the clipboard. - Launch Calculator application. - Use Imperial or Metric calculations for measurements in gallons/litres. - Perform various motoring related conversions. All results are approximate. .... Free download of Trip 1.01

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